Al Snow in Car Accident

Al Snow in Car Accident

"Wrestler Allen Sarven, known professionally as "Al Snow," suffered minor injuries in a traffic accident that left three others in the hospital. The accident occurred Saturday morning near Lima's Faurot Park at 10:28 a.m., Sgt. Paula Strickler of the Lima Police Department said.

Strickler said that Monica Evans, 17, of Lima was westbound on North Shore Drive at Colde Street when her car slid on the snowy road, went left of center and struck the eastbound Sarven's truck head on.

Evands and her two passengers, Angela Hollon, 17, and Kenneth Edwards, 16, both of Lima, remained at ST. Rita's Medical Center on Sunday night in fair condition. Sarven, 37, was treated at ST. Rita's for mild neck pain and a possible broken knuckle. Evans and Hollon both had head injuries, Strickler said."-Lima News

Al's E-Mail about the Accident

Al:Hey wayne: thanks for the concern, I am fine I do have a broken knuckle on my right hand. It was caused by my hand shattering the winshield. Other than that Iam fine I got pretty lucky, unfortunately for the three kids they didnt fare as well but will be alright in a little time. The accident occured when the driver of the car was going to fast around a icy curve and then applied her brakes and slid across the line and we had a head on collision.

My truck may be totaled but who cares as long as everybody involved comes out ok thats all i care about.

I am amazed you heard about this but hey thanks again for the concern.


P.S. Head says buckle up!

Al talks to about the Accident

Snow involved in car accident

by Phil Speer

Al Snow sustained a broken knuckle and three teenagers were knocked unconscious as a result of an automobile accident Saturday morning in Lima, Ohio.

Snow was driving alone at 10:30 a.m. on his way to work out when his Dodge Ram pickup was hit by a Mercury Topaz driven by a 17-year-old girl. Another 17-year-old girl and a 16-year-old boy were passengers in the Topaz.

The teens were bloodied, unconscious and had to be rushed to intensive care, but they're all expected to make a full recovery.

Snow's truck was totaled but he escaped serious injury. His right hand collided with the windshield, shattering the glass and breaking the knuckle below his pinky finger. That same knuckle had just healed after he broke it on the Dec. 11 edition of RAW IS WAR, during a Hardcore Match with Raven.

Snow was driving around a tight curve in Lima, where the roads were icy. In fact, Snow noticed that two other cars had slipped off the road -- one collided with a tree and one rammed through a fence. So he tapped his brakes and slowed by about 20 mph.

Unfortunately, the teens, coming from the opposite direction, couldn't see the other accidents. They were going about 35 mph. The driver hit her breaks as she started around the curve, which caused the car to slide into Snow's lane.

"I had enough time to go 'Ah @#$%," Snow said. "And that was it. Boom. We hit head on."

Snow was clearly much more concerned about the health of the teens than he was about his own.

He immediately jumped out of his car to assist them. His background as a World Wrestling Federation Superstar came in handy. "I have no doubt that because of what I do for a living, it's saved my ass a couple of times now," he said.

He also realizes that the accident could have been a lot worse if he hadn't reduced his speed just seconds before the collision. "I don't know if necessarily it would have been worse for me, but if I had been going another five, God knows what would have happened to those kids," Snow said.

Snow, who was also hit while riding a motorcycle in 1990, spent five hours in the emergency room himself on Saturday. For his broken knuckle, doctors put on a splint that went all the way up to his elbow. Two days later, he went to the orthopaedic doctor, who took off the splint and used tape for the injury. Snow says his broken knuckle isn't severe enough to keep him from returning to Federation television. "I could wrestle with it. No problem at all," he said. "I work out with it."

The former Hardcore Champion, who has a reputation for being as classy outside the ring as he is crazy inside it, visited the teens at the hospital over the weekend, bringing gifts for all three. He said they will probably be released on Tuesday.

"Thank God," he said. "They're a little banged up and everything. But they'll be okay."

Al's E-Mail after thought

Al:Hey Wayne, I really appreciate everybodys concern especially yours I cant tell you how much this all means to me.

I dont think this will keep me out any longer Iam just waiting for them to write me back into tv which should be soon.

Thanks for everything