WWF I n Your House-It's Time

I'm not sure what kind of future there is for Al Snow in the WWF with the Lief Cassidy gimmick, but after tonight, I'm at least relieved to find out that there *is* a future for him.

First, they gave him new theme music; probably a sign that they are retooling the gimmick a bit. And second, Vince and Ross really talked up Cassidy the whole match; actually, they continued to compliment him even after he lost. So that made me happy.

The match itself also made me happy. It was almost like one high-spot after another. The Artist Formerly Known As Too Cold Scorpio could take a note and tone down the "flash" of his new character. All I'm gonna say is that there were certain things the WCW version of Scorp did, certain things that the Alex Wright of one year ago did, that just annoy the hell out of me. And no matter how good you are, if you're doing those things with such frequency that it's overshadowing the wrestling, I'm going to hate you. That said, it seemed that this match was best with Cassidy on offense.

He landed a positively wicked over-the-top-rope-to-the-floor belly-to-belly suplex on Flash that left *my* back hurting. Also, as a reversal to an attempted head scissors take down, Cassidy performed a modified face-first powerbomb. [An interesting side note... at least, it's interesting to me: the face-first powerbomb was -- to the best of my knowledge -- performed for the first time 16 days before "It's Time" in my living room. I executed it a number of times on a scrawny housemate, with the move winning rave reviews from a crowd that normally is not impressed with anything less than a text-book Razor's Edge.] He also tried a spring-board moonsault- type thingie (one of the Lucha guys in WCW did it a while back... you jump from the outside of the ropes to the inside of the second ropes and do a moonsault...) but Flash moved. Cassidy also hit a couple of great topes or planchas (jumping over the top rope to the floor), the SnowBomb (combination Spinebuster/powerbomb), and lord knows how many other great moves.

Flash's offense was also impressive, with a beautiful moonsault and -- of course -- the Flash Splash (the front-spinning 450-degree splash from the top rope) finishing Lief off. All that, and one of the more extended series of traded near falls in recent memory in the middle of the match. I can't really think of anything wrong with this match at all.... if there had been a story behind it and a ton more crowd heat (though it should be noted that by the end, the crowd really was into both men's moves), this would be the type of match the Disciples of Meltzer would give close to *****, and I would not disagree. Super match, and a great way to start off the show

Rick Scaia/Deja News