Mr.Tito Report

Part of a write up by MrTito for Lords of Pain

Isn't it funny how bad Al Snow is in the WWF, but he was sooooo over in ECW? ECW made him a huge star in their federation, and then he gets shipped to the WWF, somewhat using the same gimmick, and he goes no where. I think the early feud with Too Cool and Jerry Lawler really killed his career, but the WWF had several chances to make Al Snow huge!

1. The Jakks figure ban from several toy stores. That gave him publicity that he wouldn't have to ask for, but yet the WWF didn't really ride on it.

2. The feud with the Rock 'N Sock connection. Remember, he was jealous of Mick wanting to be the Rock's partner, but again, the WWF didn't ride on it. They just had both the Rock fight Al a few times, and then Al disappeared to the Jakked circuit again!

3. Head Cheese. The momentum of this team was just outrageous, that is, until they had to feud with T & A around Wrestlemania. T&A was only 2 weeks old at the time, and their lack of charisma and heat at the time killed anything that Head Cheese was accomplishing.

I definitely believe that Al Snow would want to get out of the WWF, as reported before, because they keep failing at opportunities to really get him over.