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Leif Cassidy was a great gimmick. A guy stuck in the hard-rockin' 70's who thought he was the stuff to the ladies, ultimately making him out as a "geek". In fact, not many of the audience even picked up on the joke that was his homage of sorts to the character's heroes, Leif Garrett and Shaun Cassidy. The "New Rockers" were supposed to be a joke.

Marty Jannetty was supposedly bummed that his former partner had become a headliner, so he restarted the team that made him a success. Leif was the bumbling idiot that would make Marty look good. And leave it to the incredibly talented Allen Sarven to make the character work. The end result, however, seemed that the fans didn't pick up on the idea that Leif was intended as a geek, but just thought the guy sucked.

Al has gone on record saying that he actually enjoyed playing the role, and was interested in developing the "angry loser" angle that began shortly before he returned to ECW, where he basically used the same gimmick for a while (albeit as Al Snow).

Shot right over your heads, and it's a damn shame. As Leif Cassidy might say "I enjoyed the heck out of those bitchin' New Improved Rockers!"

Too ra yay

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