Tomorrow's Stars Today

IN FOCUS By Craig Peters Part of in focus from Pro Wrestling Illustrated Dec 95

Okay,now that I've written about how yesterday's stars like the Steiners and The Rock and Roll Experss continue to endure and create excitement,the question begs to be asked;Where are tomorrow's stars coming from?

It's a valid question.After all,these are the days when the hottest thing in wrestling seems to be the war in WCW to bring down the greatest star of the decade.Unfortunately that decade is the 80's and the 90's

So where are tomorrow's stars coming from?

"We're not coming from anywhere.we're right here!"said Al Snow,who's been wrestling of a dozen years in dozens of small independent federations from coast to coast."The fact of the matter is,the quality of wrestling on the independent scene is better than it's ever been.Unfortunately,these promotions don't get the TV and magazine exposure that the WWF and WCW get,so it's almost like we don't excist."

Snow is right.Independent wrestling is in good shape right now.The biggest thing holding most of these oganizations back,though,is their inability to offer good wrestlers solid long-term contracts.As a result,the talent roasters tend to shift frequently,meaning that there's little continuity for the local fans.And even if the groups could offer contracts,many of the best wrestlers on the independent circuit are there percisely because they like the freedom of not being tied down to contracts.

We didn't ask Snow about that part of the independent scene though;we hear he might be headed to WCW soon