Al Snow and HEAD

Al Snow started off as Leif Cassidy of the "New Rockers". With Leif's entrance to the WWF he already started a fued with the Heart Break Kid Shawn Michaels. Of course he would have started a fued when he replaced the Heart Break Kid Shawn Michaels from the "Rockers". Leif Cassidy and Marty Ganetty of the "New Rockers" formed a great Tag Team duo but they could never really cut the mustard and rise to the top of the WWF ladder.

When Al Snow realized that his career with Marty Ganetty/New Rockers was going absolutely nowhere he decided to go solo and start his singles career. While being a singles wrestler you could see that Leif Cassidy was starting to change and not for the better. Al Snow was getting strange but before you could see what was going to happen to Al Snow he was released by the WWF and finally went to ECW (Extreme Championship Wrestling).

While at ECW Al Snow started to become more well known, and he started to make a name for himself with a strange yet new gimmick. Al Snow didn't come to the ring by himself anymore but he came with a fake modeling head, better known as HEAD!!

Head gave Al Snow the confedince he needed to climb the ladder at ECW. Now that Al Snow had made a name for himself and now had thousands of fans Al Snow started to look back at the WWF where all of the money is. Al Snow made his first return while sitting in the seats of a WWF event.

From then on Al Snow had to start to fight. All the guy wanted was a talk with the owner of the WWF, Vince McMahon but he wasn't about to get it anytime soon. After stealing Jerry "the King" Lawlers crown he was finally going to be listened to. Jerry told him that if you and Head beat Too Hot and Too Sexy (Too Much) in a tag team match then you can have a meeting with Vince McMahon but if you lose you can never wrestle in the WWF again. But during the match right when Al Snow was about to win Head was covered by Brian Christopher when a bottle of Head and Shoulders was thrown into the ring.

But did we hear the last of Al Snow......oh hell no. He constantly made appearences after that until Stg. Slaughter finally got mad at him. Slaughter challenged Al Snow to a boot camp match (no holds barred). If Al won he would get a WWF contract.....but once again if he lost he would never be able to wrestle in a WWF ring again.

Al Snow showed off all of his moves that night and won the match. Since then, Al Snows popularity has increased a lot. But he was devistated when Head ran away from him. But nothing could keep those two apart so once again they reunited. Al Snow is now one of the most liked WWF Superstars there is.

The only thing that is keeping him back is Head. Whenever Al Snow goes against someone with a female manager (mostly Debra McMichael) Head tends to get distracted which makes Al distracted which leads to him losing the match. Some of Al Snows best fights have come in tag team form when he has teamed up with Mankind. These two are the weirdest wrestlers there are so it is so funny to see them wrestle together.

Al Snow has a great future ahead of him if he can only keep his head on

credit Unknown