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Al Snow's World Wrestling Federation career as taken many drastic turns. Snow has worn masks, been a New Rocker, and returned with his new mentor and friend, "Head". In 1998, Al Snow formed the J.O.B. Squad in the WWF, and was determined to get ahead in the federation.

Al Snow debuted in the WWF as the sometimes masked Avatar in the mid 90's. Avatar scored wins over Skip and few others before his quick exit. In early 1996 Snow returned, this time as the masked Shinobi. Shinobi was brought to the WWF by Jim Cornette to take Shawn Michaels out of the WWF title picture. Cornette's plan did not work, as Shinobi was dominated by Michaels. Days later, without Cornette at ringside, Shinobi faced Ahmed Johnson and was beaten quickly. Shinobi was soon out of the picture.

Snow returned again in mid 1996, as Marty Jannetty's new partner, Leif Cassidy. The New Rockers failed, for the most part, in tag team competition, losing to the Smoking Gunns - Bart Gunn & Billy Gunn, Body Donnas - Skip & Zip, and many others. Leif Cassidy struggled as a singles competitor, losing to his "idol" Shawn Michaels, Wildman Marc Mero and others. After a loss to Pierroth & Cibernetico, Marty Jannetty and Cassidy got into a shoving match. Unnoticed by WWF announcers, the New Rockers broke up. With Jannetty gone, Cassidy continued as a singles wrestler. He got a shot at Rocky Maivia's WWF Intercontinental Heavyweight Championship, but lost rather quickly. The defeats piled up and soon Cassidy was gone from the WWF.

In 1998 Al Snow returned, with his new friend Head, and demanded a meeting with WWF Owner Vince McMahon. He snuck into WWF events in goofy costumes in a attempt to meet McMahon. Jerry "The King" Lawler gave Snow a challenge. If Snow & Head were able to defeat Too Sexy - Brian Christopher & Scott Taylor Snow would get his meeting. Snow was unable to defeat Too Much and was banished from the WWF.

In September 1998 that all changed. He invaded the ring, where he met WWF Commissioner Sgt. Slaughter. Slaughter gave Snow a challenge. If Snow was able to defeat Slaughter in a boot camp match, Snow would be reinstated. Al Snow defeated Slaughter, using Head. Over the next weeks Snow wrestled under the watchful eye of the WWF Commissioner. He seemingly formed an alliance with Scorpio. Scorpio came to the aide of Snow on many occasions, and the two made a successful tag team.

Later in the year Snow teamed with Mankind, forming one of the weirdist duos in WWF history, to take on WWF World Tag Team Champion New Age Outlaws - Badd Ass Billy Gunn & Road Dog Jesse James for the titles. Snow and Mankind had the match in hand until Mankind and Snow could not decide whether to use either Mr. Socko or Head to finish the match. In the confusion Snow was rolled up for the pin.

After getting sick and tired of receiving the stick from WWF promoters, Al Snow created the J.O.B. Squad. Naming his first two members Bob Holly and Scorpio. Al Snow's J.O.B. Squad helped tough luck wrestler Duane Gill win the WWF Light Heavyweight Championship from Christian, and helped Mankind retain his WWF Hardcore Championship against Ken Shamrock and Big Boss Man.

The J.O.B. Squad continued to be successful, Duane Gill continued to successfully defend the WWF Light Heavyweight Championship, Bob Holly & Scorpio continued to rack up victories and they inducted a new member, the Blue Meanie. After defeatig Gangrel on WWF Raw Is War, Snow suffered a tough experience. The lights went out and the Brood attacked Snow. When the lights went back on, Snow was covered in blood. The following week, Snow was still covered in blood as he took on Gangrel.

On WWF Raw Is War, Al Snow faced WWF Hardcore Champion Road Dog Jesse James for the title. The match went all over the arena, and then outside the arena in the snow. Jesse James was able to end the match - outside in the snow - with a piledriver through a crate. On WWF Sunday Night Heat, Al Snow took on Christian. Snow lost the match after being distracted by Goldust, who stole Head from ringside.

The following night on WWF Raw Is War, Al Snow took on another member of D-Generation X for a title, facing WWF European Heavyweight Champion X-Pac. Snow was not the same wrestler without Head, the match ended when Goldust came out and nailed Snow with Head. After teaming with Jesse James, Snow challenged him to a rematch for the WWF Hardcore Championship. After one tag match, James and Snow turned against each other, adding heat for the upcoming match.

Less than one week before the rematch, Al Snow challenged anyone to a hardcore rules match. When no one showed, Snow wrestled himself. His J.O.B. Squad partner Bob Holly tried to stop him, causing Snow to turn against him. The following night, it was announced that James would not be able to wrestle, and the WWF Hardcore Championship was vacant. Al Snow met Bob Holly for the title, and Holly came out the victor. At WrestleMania XV, Al Snow got another shot at the WWF Hardcore Championship. Snow, Hardcore Holly, and Badd Ass Billy Gunn squared off for the title in a triple threat match. Holly came away with the title, pinning Snow. The next night, Dr. Death Steve Williams took on Holly for the title. As Williams had the match in hand, Snow interfered, costing Dr. Death the title. The following week, Snow took on Holly, and Williams interfered.

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