The Toy Virdict


By Chris Brennaman

Staff Writer

It seems that two bone headed women have taken up the unworthy cause of forcing Wal-Mart to remove the action figure of WWF Superstar Al Snow. Why? See, in real life, Al Snow comes down to the ring with the head of a mannequin. He does this because story wise, the man is nuts and talks to the head. Well, these two "concerned mothers" saw the action figure complete with head, and said to themselves "Look, a woman's head with the words 'Help me' in the box with that man. Now before I make an informed decision about this product and what it represents, let me assume that it calls for men to be violent towards women and jump to arms and cry 'insensitivity towards women! Insensitivity towards women!'"

Is there a problem with this? In the words of Stone Cold Steve Austin, Hell Yeah there is! Dear God. An action figure with a mannequin head. What is the world coming to? What next, a male doll with no testicles?

A man carrying a mannequin head does not promote violence.

We have 13 year old prostitutes. High schoolers are smoking crack. Parents are abandoning their kids. These two idiots want to tackle the big issue of a guy who has a mannequin head with "Help me" written on it?

These are the people that should be removed from society.

And the saddest part of all is Wal-Mart caved to these jibronies.

Action figures aren't the problem. These women are the problem.

And now, to a fellow writer:

Degeneration-X is the greatest thing to ever happen, now or two years ago. And if you're not down with that, well, you know the rest.

Uncanny X-Men #376- Remember about 15 years ago, they mentioned a secret group called "The 12?" No? Well, anyway, this issue tells us who "The 12" are. Joy.

Preacher #57- Jesse is still looking into Cassidy's past. Personally, I'd like them to hurry this up and get back into the main story. Starman #61- Finally, Starman Has come back to Opal City. But things are a little too quiet for his liking so he decides to do a little investigating.