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WWF Magazine August 1998

Tales from the Turnbuckle

What's Inside Al's Head?

When Al Snow made a surprise appearance recently on an episode on RAW IS WAR from Baltimore, Maryland, World Wrestling Federation officials were unsure how to handle the superstar and his "head", who had both competed formerly in Philadelphia's Extreme Championship Wrestling.

At the top of the broadcast, while Kevin Kelly waited for Stone Cold Steve Austin to arrive at the arena, someone began pounding from outside the steel cargo door. When it was opened, Snow was standing with Head and questioned how "they" could get inside the arena.

Apparently, Head had given the superstar the wrong directions! Kelly obliged, but Snow reappeared later that night at the broadcast booth with Jim Ross! After jumping the security railing, Snow put a headset on the Head as well as himself. When questioned by Ross as to what he thought he was doing, the superstar was clearly confused and looked to the mannequin for advice!

After security was called in to escort Snow from the building, he became nervous and yelled at the personnel not to lay a hand on him or Head. Before escaping through the crowd to avoid security, Snow pleaded with Ross that he had to speak with Vince McMahon!

The parting words made us all wonder - what's inside Al's head?