Why Does Goldust want HEAD?

Why Does Goldust Want Head?

By me, Brian Lutz

When Goldust stole Head from Al Snow during a recent episode of HEAT, the leader of the JOB Squad found himself completely without his focus. Snow seemed almost lost in the ring, becoming easy prey for his opponent. Immediately after the defeat, Snow immediately went in search of his lost counterpart(s), but so far he has been unsuccessful.

Of course, this begs the question: Why did Goldust steal Head?

Well… besides the obvious reasons. There has been some question of late as to the mental stability of Goldust (Dustin Runnels). After his wife (Terri Runnels, now of PMS) took up with Val Venis, Dustin seemed to lose his touch with reality. He began to utilize the "shattered dreams", a finishing maneuver designed to seriously injure his opponents, rather than to win matches. Perhaps Dustin sees Head as a source of stability, and stole "them" to regain his focus in the ring.

Another theory has Dustin, in complete control of his faculties, stealing Head to get under the skin of Al Snow. Perhaps these two superstars have unresolved issues that we are not privy to. Maybe Dustin was refused entry into the JOB Squad at some point in the past. Perhaps Snow once expressed an appreciation for Terri's "sweater puppets." About all we can ascertain at this point is that Dustin has managed to unhinge Snow, thereby lessening the Lima, Ohio, native's effectiveness in the ring.

Or, maybe... just maybe… Goldust can also hear Head's "voices." It's not like anyone else can verify or deny this story, but for all we know, Head told Goldust to take "them" away from Snow. Hey, like anything is suprising when it comes to this whole situation.

Regardless of the motives, Al Snow is not likely to sit idly by and let this theft go unpunished. Retribution will no doubt be forthcoming from the leader of the JOB Squad, because if there's one thing that you should never deprive a man of, it's Head.