Wrestling Humor

Mr. McMahon decided to take some of the WWF superstars on a camping trip.

"Al Snow," said Vince, "you are in charge of supplies."

"Okay, boss" replied Al. "I'll take care of everything!"

The group gets to the campsite. Vince looks around and notices that Al is not there, but neither is anything else. He is furious.

"I never should have put that idiot in charge of anything!" shouts Vince.

"Wait," says Triple H. "Here is something in the bushes!"

The group goes over and sees a piece of Al Snow's old JOB SQUAD shirt caught on a branch and it has blood on it.

"Looks like something has happened to our boy!" Vince tell all. "We need to go look for him"

So, they set out in search of Al. They find other clues along the way, some food that has been dropped on the ground, a few tent poles that are broken in half, and some cooking equipment that has been all bent up.

The group then comes upon a cave with what looks like Al's footprints on the ground, leading into the cave.

"Hey, Big Show!" calls Vince. "Go see what's in the cave."

"Right, boss" says Show and he walks into the cave. There is a few minutes of eerie silence.

"Mmmm....." mused Vince. "Wonder what happened to Big Show? Let's all go in and see."

The rest of the group goes into the cave and they see a big hole in the ground. All the rest of their gear is strewn about and there is two sets of footprints leading to the hole. One belongs to The Big Show, the other to Al Snow.

They all walk over to the edge of the hole and peer in. Suddenly, Al Snow and Big Show jump out of the hole and yell....


Credit:WrestlingClassics.com-Wrestling Humor message board