I met Al Snow in Louisville last year in June. I gave him the artwork before the OHV show, and he shared some great Pepper stories and a cat "F-f-h-h-h-tt-T!!!" story too. He had me rollin' in the isles! He's so funny I almost peed myself. Anyhoo, he's a fantastic, funny human being who fills the space around him with an abundance of energy and kindness, and it was a great honor to meet him.

The reason I did the artwork(above)- aside from being a huge Al Snow fan, was because I had been talking to Luna Vachon- She knew about my Mick Foley art and said to me it would be fun if I did some art of Al because he was just as "wacked" as Mick. I DO like wacked people. Anyway, this was when Al was doing the Pepper skits and he'd come to the ring with lil Pepper, hence the watercolor with Pepper.

So yes, feel free to have this displayed at your site.-Jeanette Gogan-Olivier

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Artwork by Trey Trackett

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Artwork by sean362

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Artwork by Jackal Pup

Artwork by Y2KILLERBEE

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Meania Mania homepage art

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