Al Snow and Dan Severn had a strong style wrestling match for GAME(Great American Mat Endeavors) on Sept 12th 1994 at Fu Ling Restaurant

Art Davey, the then booker for UFC was at the show and signed Dan for UFC#4. While Al and Dan's match was strong-style (UWFI-style), both went at each other and at times the match broke down to a shoot. This was the only match Al had with GAME. Dan wrestled another strong style match for GAME in Pittsburgh, PA.

Grant Miller

In 1995 Al trained Dan Severn for UFC number four,Al was Dan's second at the PPV...here is an Article with Dan and Al that tells what happened at the event

Finalist Dan Severn reflects on loss

Dan Severn says any scepticism about the realism of the Ultimate Fight Championship can be put aside. He and his trainer Al Snow entered the tournament with at least a little curiosity concerning how the event is operated. He left with newfound respect for Royce Gracie and the entire UFC tournament format.

Severn entered UFC with nearly 20 years of experience in a variety of styles that would be useful under UFC fighting rules including sambo, freestyle, and Greco-Roman wrestling. With a size advantage over Gracie, he wanted to test the theory that Gracie's style is unaffected by size differentials between grapplers.

Severn attacked Gracie early and remained on top of him for most of the 15:49 main event. Being on top made it seem as if he had the advantage. Severn says that's deceptive: "I tried a lot of things,' he says. 'But Gracie's reacts to everything instantly. I wanted to get a choke on him, but Gracie tucked his neck so I couldn't get to his windpipe. I messed him up pretty good but I could never get past his legs. He always kept me barely away from him. I got in punches here and there, but never a strong punch.

I never thought I could really hurt him." Severn says after nearly 15 minutes of trying several chokes and not succeeding at putting Gracie away, he consciously let up on the hold and was going to try something new. Instantly, says Severn, Gracie took advantage of that and wrapped his legs around Severn neck. 'Everyone called it the triangle in the locker room after the match," says Severn, "After he had that on me for about 30 seconds, I lost all of my air.I had to decide, Do I fall to the mat or submit." He submitted, ending the tournament, but not ending his desire to eventually win a UFC Title.

"Gracie exhibited such patience and control. I could have gone another 30 minutes with him and he would have been comfortable." Severn says he was notified that he would be accepted in the tournament less than two months ago. Because he was busy most of the time running a family catering business he only got to train with Al Snow for about five days. He says his $19,000 second place award money will allow him the luxury to take more time off to train for the UFC5 tournament.

Severn says he learned a lot from his first match with Gracie and looks forward to a rematch. He says he has ideas on how to win next time, but won't reveal what those ideas are. Severn said part of the reason he was unable to put Gracie away was his instinct worked against him in some ways. To win in the styles he is used to, one must score points or pitfalls, but not knockouts. 'You can't tell yourself to abandon your training and switch tactics." He said even if he had an opening, he could never get himself to win by punching his opponent's groin area.

His first two matches were much less difficult. In fact Severn repeats that he could have. won his first round match in less than a minute if his opponent, Anthony Macias, wasn't soaked in baby oil. "I complained, but the referee told me he had two towels soaked in baby oil already." In his second match, he took a hard roundhouse kick to the stomach before quickly putting away alternate Marcus Bossett. "When I saw the second kick coming, I said, 'Go baby, go' and grabbed him." Severn was so mild-mannered in the day preceding the event that everyone thought his trainer, pro wrestler Al Snow, was actually him. "When I go into the ring, I turn the beast on," he says. "I blank out everything and turn on the fight."

Severn, who has dozens of professional worked matches under his belt, isn't sure how the UWFi will react to his participation in this tournament. He entered without their blessing. Because he lasted longer with Gracie than anyone has in UFC history, he may become a big star in Japan. Or, because he lost to the UFC Champion, his reputation may be hurt in the UWFi. Had he defeated Gracie, Severn could have no doubt become a superstar in Japan over night and named his price for appearances. No matter what, Severn has tremendous respect for Gracie. "It's incredible that a man of his size can do what he can,' Severn says. "No one had ever attacked Gracie before.

My idea was to attack him first. Now I realise he can do as much under me as when he's on top." Severn says it would help to hurt Gracie before taking him to the mat, such as what Kimo was able to do at UFC3. He's just not sure how. If Gracie's willing, Severn will get another chance.

The Wrestling Tribune from March 4,1995#81 this is the story:If you see the Smoky Mountain TV shows and you're wondering why Al Snow will sometimes say in interviews that he's on his way back to the locker room to have sex,there's an inside joke behind it.After Dan Severn's first round victory at the last Ultimate Fighting Championship pay-per-view where Snow appeared as his trainer,one of the UFC announcers asked a stupid question to Snow on an interview about what Severn would do back in the dressing room to prepare for the second round.Snow,a little annoyed with the question.sarcastically said something to the effect that Severn was going back to the dressing room to tire himself out by having sex.This has now become Snow's standard line since everyone in the wrestling business thought it was hilarious.

Here are a couple photos taken by Phyllis Lee,thanks go out to Jason Campbell for sending them my way



Bostin Crab was kind enough to scan these photos of the event

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